Internet Access


Don’t worry if DSL and Cable still aren’t in your area, there are more options available to you for getting a broadband connection to your home or office.

Dial-Up Connections – With competition from DSL & cable service providers on the rise, some ISPs are offering a new, faster Dial-Up access. Dial-up is $15 per month and includes up to 56 Kbps /second.  The service includes one Direclynx email address.  There is no installation charge for dial-up service.

DSL – $29.90 per month.  $35 one time installation fee.  This includes the modem and in-home installation. The base speed for DSL is 1.5 Mbps download and 512 Kbps upload.  Some areas of town have higher speeds available. Call us for the speed available in your area.

Residential DSL service includes 2 Direclynx email addresses.  Business DSL service includes up to 6 Direclynx email addresses.

Wireless Provider – Direclynx now has a few towers around Hot Springs Arkansas. We can provide fast internet service in selected areas of town. Wireless service starts at $39.90 to $59.90 per month.  There is a one time fee of $50-$100 for installation. This includes a small antenna which is installed on your home.  The base speed is 1.5 Mbps up and down. Up to 6Mbps may be available at your home depending on the location, and more for businesses.  Business DSL service includes up to 5 Direclynx email addresses.  Please call us for exact pricing and availability.


What is wireless Internet?
Wireless Internet is exactly what it sounds like. Direclynx Wireless connects you to the Internet via a high-speed wireless 2.4 GHz or 900 MHz antennae, all without the need for phone lines. Thus, there is no need to worry about slow downloads, busy signals, or disconnections anymore. With wireless Internet your computer is always on the Internet.

How does it work?
Using wireless technology, we are able to send information to various towers throughout our coverage area. That information is then broadcast out, where it is received by the antenna at your location.

Will it be wireless in my home?
Initially, it will be connected to one computer. With equipment called a router that can be purchased from us, you can make your Internet connection wireless within your home. This is great for surfing the Internet with your laptop. Our preference in purchasing a router is the Linksys 54g, 54g2 or Linksys N series. The Linksys router has far less problems with our system, so this is the reason for us recommending it. If you purchase a router, please don’t install the software included with the router. If you do, you may be adding additional firewalls that will conflict with our system. Let us advise you to lock your router with a passcode, so no one can enter your system. You are responsible for any info that is transmitted from an unsecured router.

How fast is it?
Depending on the service package selected, Direclynx Wireless uses wireless technology to provide various connection speeds to you.  Speeds are designated by the tower you connect to, but generally speaking we can go up to 10mg.

What is involved in the installation?
We install a small 2.4 GHz or 900ghz antenna (12″ X 3.5″ wide, and weighs less than one pound, unless signal boosting equipment is needed) on or near the roof of your home or business with a Cat5 Ethernet cable that is run down into your home to a single point in your PC or router. Please note that the installer will not deal with networking from that point to multiple rooms or computers, unless you specifically hire one of our technicians to complete that for you. Internal networking instructions can be obtained on the Internet or with documentation on your laptop.

What are the system requirements for my PC?
Your PC must have a working 10BaseT or 100BaseT Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC). The minimum platform and operating system requirements are as follows: WINDOWS: Windows OS (98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003), Pentium-based PC or newer. MAC: Mac OS 8.6 or above, PowerPC or better, 128 MB of RAM or more. UNIX\Linux: Linux Kernel V2.1 or above, Pentium-based PC or better, 128 MB of RAM or more.

How do I get started?
You can join Direclynx Wireless today by calling our office at (501) 623-5969.

How does wireless Internet differ from cable?
Cable usually limits you to a couple of speeds, is slower, is more expensive, and is not offered in many areas. Cable companies usually advertise at a low price, but after a few months, the price generally goes up.

How does wireless Internet differ from DSL?
DSL also usually limits you to a couple of speeds, is slower, is more expensive, and the service area is much smaller. This is usually only available if you live within a couple of miles of the telephone company’s phone switch. Wireless service can be installed much quicker. The speed of DSL is also affected by the number of people on your block. That is, the speed is decreased if too many people are using it at the same time.

Is wireless Internet good for gaming?
Wireless Internet is great for gaming. Your connection will be much quicker than with Dial-Up. The server you connect with will be a factor, but your connection should definitely not cause a problem. Online gaming will need extra security ports opened on our end and will be an additional monthly charge of $10.

Do I need a phone line?
Absolutely NOT!! Our wireless Internet connection is Bi-directional without the use of phone lines. This means that your unit will send and receive information through the airwaves, making it a complete and unique solution for Internet connectivity.

How secure is your wireless broadband service?
There has been much press recently about the security issues of Wireless LAN technology, known as or WiFi. Direclynx Wireless is not considered to be in that group. It is true that if a user has a router and uses the default settings, it is easy for an outsider to obtain access to your network. However, just changing a few settings and placing a password on your router, if you have one, can make your network secure. The wireless system Direclynx Wireless uses is completely different from 802.11 (WiFi) technologies. We use the Ubiquiti wireless products.

Proprietary-The Ubiquiti system uses completely proprietary technology for the radio frequency signals, as well as the data protocols. So a potential hacker would first have to reverse engineer the Ubiquiti radio equipment.

Authentication-No Ubiquiti antenna can communicate with our tower without first having its electronic serial number authenticated against our list of allowed antennas.

Encryption-The Ubiquiti system encrypts the user data over the air using 128-bit DES encryption. These characteristics make our service at least as secure as DSL or Cable modem systems.

Does weather affect Direclynx Wireless service?
The effects of weather on Microwave radio signals vary based on the frequency used and the distance that the signal travels. With the frequencies and distances in our network, signal degradation due to heavy rain or snow is negligible. The degradation due to heavy rain is less than .2db, and our system is designed with at least a 10db signal fade margin, unlike satellite systems.

Are there any health or safety concerns with the wireless signal?
No. The technology used by Direclynx Wireless operates at very low power levels, similar to a cell phone and much less than the amount that is emitted by your microwave oven. Also, radio frequency power drops dramatically as you move away from the power source. Typically, our antennas are not placed where any person would be able to stand right in front of it for any significant period of time.

What is the typical lead time to have your service installed?
Our general lead time for installation is 2-5 days. This mostly depends on when you and the installer are available for installation. It is necessary that you are present at the install because access to your home and computer is necessary to complete the process. A good rule of thumb is to submit as many phone numbers as possible to enable installers to make contact with you.Wireless can be paid for by credit card or debit card.

Do I need to have a separate ISP service with Direclynx Wireless service?
No, the ISP is included as part of our service. We provide the Internet and email accounts as part of our plans.

What is the actual length of time for an install?
Inside installations can be very quick and take only 29-50 minutes. Exterior installations typically take from one and a half to three hours.

For outside installations is there an antenna placed on the roof?
The Ubiquiti unit is typically mounted on a small bracket that attaches to the eave or another place on the building. In some cases, a tripod and mast on the roof may be necessary to achieve additional height.

Can you upgrade the original speed chosen?
Yes, you can upgrade to a faster speed. It only takes a phone call and a 3-minute reboot. Charges are then prorated to the next level.