Website Hosting & Domains


Using a local server to host your website will allow optimum access for your users. Better loading times and a much higher server uptime will make certain that your website functions best for your local users.

Greater server uptime for locally hosted websites isn’t necessarily a result of any shortcoming on the side of an international server; rather instead, a direct result of the operation of our local ISPs. It is well known that local ISPs tend to lose their connection to international servers more frequently, and with greater ease than to local servers.

That’s why it stands to reason that if your target market is local rather than international, a local host will ensure you have the best possible access to your customers. Hosting your website locally will ensure more uptime for your website, superior loading time for your web pages, and faster browsing for your local visitors, along with greater access to trusted support and optimum access for your target market.

Hosting your website locally also offers you benefits with regards to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as search engines like Google, will determine their search results based on your website’s locale.

Maybe right now would be a good time to reassess your website hosting. For local hosting anywhere in Arkansas, I recommend you look no further than Direclynx in Hot Springs Arkansas. They have been hosting and improving local Web Sites since 1996.

Recognizing your needs will help you select a hosting solution that not only provides your website with a place on the internet but will also be convenient for your customers. Should your customers be local to you, hosting locally means having a website that loads faster for your customers – allowing your website visitors to browse your site with greater ease while increasing your visitor’s satisfaction.

When hosting locally you will also notice a better quality to support when you need it most. International hosting companies lack local knowledge. Using a reputable local company to host your website means you have easier access to quality support.